Партнърс Инженеринг EООД


        "Partners Engineering" Ltd performs:

        • Preparation, analysis, design and approval by the corresponding authorities of all design phases:
          • - Architectural

            - Construction-structural part

            - Mechanical and technological part

            - Electrical part

            - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

            - Water supply and sewerage

            - Communication and Information technologies

            - Automated control and monitoring systems : Instrumentation and automation, hydraulics and pneumatics, security systems and CCTV, fire alarm system

            - Radiation protection, radiation and dosimetry control

            - Environmental monitoring systems

        • Aging determination of lifting equipment – portal bridge cranes, bridge cranes and elevators
        • Emergency scenarios - abnormal discharges of harmful emissions, floods, earthquakes, industrial accidents, weather.
        • Measures for protection of personnel and population
        • Environmental expertise - air ( dust emission ); ash ( irrigation, shading, reduce of the wind load, CO2 price reduction by building renewable energy sources ); "high wave" and high water.
        • Feasibility studies, investment analysis and industrial design of renewable energy sources
        • Technical consultancy
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