Партнърс Инженеринг EООД


        "Partners Engineering" Ltd performs complete engineering in the field of electro constructions:

        • Delivery and assembly of Complete transformer substations middle and low voltage, and Metal complete substations
          • - according to the rules of the Electric Supply company
        • Construction of underground and air middle and low voltage cable lines
        • Manufacture, delivery and assembly of all kinds of equipment for temporary electric supply
        • Manufacture, equipment and assembly of electrometers, floor and special distribution panels, Ex panels
        • Construction of electrical and data information installations
        • Implementing of frequency invertors and softstarters
          • - specialized frequency invertors with Flux vector control and Torque proving function, for heavy duty conditions
            - frequency invertors for middle voltage up to 10kV, 25MW
        • Delivery and installation of cables, insulators and equipment
        • Mounting of relay, distribution and control panels
        • Assembly, adjustment and starting of relay protection
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